Sina Entertainment News (Shanghai Interview)


Translated by zintys

Sina entertainment news: Popular Japanese singer YUI had an exclusive interview with us in Shanghai recently. She participated in the japan week karaoke competition and even had a street performance, performing her latest composition and her signature song. YUI also revealed that her latest release will be sold in china. Talking about her favourite chinese star, she loved Jackie Chan the most.

(Sina entertainment news – S)

S: Its your first time coming to Shanghai. Have you performed in China before?
YUI: I went to Hong Kong during June, and held a concert there. It’s my first time coming to China (mainland).

S: What is your impression of Shanghai?
YUI: The buildings in Shanghai are very unique, and the city view is beautiful. Shanghai’s food are also delicious!

S: What are your feelings of being the ambassador for better China-Japan ties*? (sorry couldn’t really find a better term for this)
YUI: I felt a lot of love. Love from friends and support. Chinese fans are also very warm.

S: Heard that you love eating sweet and sour pork, have you tried China’s?
YUI: Yes, I really love eating sweet and sour pork. Previously in japan, I had worked in a Chinese restaurant. That’s the first time I had tried sweet and sour pork, and I liked it ever since then. Although China’s sweet and sour pork taste a little different from Japan’s, it is still very delicious.

S: What kind of music do you like?
YUI: I love music a lot, as long as it’s good music, I will like it. There isn’t any genre that I dislike. (I’m not sure how to phrase this, but she’s sort of saying that she doesn’t ‘discriminate’ any particular genre.)

S: This time in China, have you prepared any special performance for your fans here?
YUI: I’m joining the Japan week karaoke contest, and will also perform a street live in Jing An District, singing my latest song and a song created not long after I had debuted.
(I’m not really sure if this interview is before or after her performances, but I assumed that this is before, because of her clothes)

S: Anything you would like to say to your fans? What’s the song you would like to recommend to chinese fans the most?
YUI: I’m really thankful for all your support for me. Recently, my album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” was released in China. That was produced through challenging myself repeatedly. I hope everyone will listen to it.

S: Do your have any intention to hold a concert in China in the near future?
YUI: Being able to hold a concert in China is a very media thing* to me, I will work hard and hope that this can be achieved. (*that’s a direct translation. not really sure what she’s saying)

S: Do you have any Chinese singer or actor/actress that you like? Who do you like most?
YUI: For example like Jackie Chan, I like him a lot.

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