Staff Diary (2010.03.24) – ?YUI-net TV?


?YUI-net TV?

Hello, everyone. Good evening.
It IS going to get warmer, we think, but since it’s still cold out there…
You aren’t getting sick, are you? Take care of yourself.

Now then, it’s a bit sudden, but do you all remember “Black Mont Blanc”?

In an old diary post, YUI mentioned this ice cream that you could only get in Kyuushuu. Some of you remember it well, others perhaps not.


…and because of that, we should ask the “Black Mont Blanc” “Quiz”,
though truthfully, we, the Staff, came just to cover the event!!

?Muffler?Music Video?????????????
We were visiting Kyuushuu while shooting for the “Muffler” music video, and a representative from a “Black Mont Blanc” manufacturer from the Saga Prefecture, Takashita Confectionery Company, paid us a visit.

????YUI-net TV??
This news report styled, awe-inspiring, video content that we are broadcasting (sweat). Is called “YUI-net.TV”!

Subject matter….your viewing enjoyment.
Although some may say it’s our clumsy, home-made videos,
while we acknowledge that point, please take a look.

By the way, as of right now, “Black Mont Blanc” is limited to Kyuushuu,
but it looks as though the will start selling it in Kantou (Super Summit)!!
That said, be sure to check for it in your area.

Lastly, in collaboration this time with Nakano-sama, Yaji(Yatsugi?Yatsugu?)-sama from Takashita Confectionery Company, we would like to give a big thank you.

The viewing link for the movie (entrance), though it is relatively easy to understand, please search for it!!

PS??YUI-net TV?????…???????
PS. “YUI-net.TV”, next episode…is undecided…

dewa dewa
Adieu-monburan (Mont Blanc)