Staff Diary (2010.04.28) — Very soon


Very Soon

Translated by killer_combo

Tomorrow begins Gold Week !
Everyone, how are you going to spend it?

It was raining off and on, but recently the weather has cleared up nicely.
Teru Teru Bouzu* (although remarkably you don’t see them nowadays…) it might be nice to make some! ?

5/5?????to Mother????????
???????????to Mother?????????????
Now then,
“to Mother” chaku-uta distribution begins on May 5th,
and steadily approaching, everyone is going to have “to Mother” by their side !

We’re still receiving your impressions and such as as they come.

YUI- net?????????????????????
The time to renew YUI-net has come ?
You will see the new layout in no time !

Here too,
Please look forward to it ?

?to Mother?Music Video???????
?to Mother? Music Video also,
You should be able so watch it very soon ! !

In conclusion, please look forward to it ! !

Dewa dewa
“The forest is Ade-taall”…

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