Staff Diary (2010.06.17) — Radio Recording & Jacket Photoshoot


Radio Recording & Jacket Photoshoot

Translated by yupeh

Everyone, Konnichiwa!
Otsukaresama desweets!

Today, we went to J-WAVE
for a radio recording/interview.

It was (our) first time to meet the personalities (radio staff),
(and) the recording became fun with their high-spirited talk!

YUI is looking at the very beautiful Tokyo Tower
and was deeply impressed (on it).

Broadcast will be on the next day.

And here’s a report of the ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
jacket photoshoot as well.

The day of the photoshoot, this time, is the album title itself
It was exactly a really nice weather.

Everyone was at the resort but
the atmosphere around was
comfortable and the photoshoot proceeded.

YUI is really relaxed (that time).
(She was) naturally smiling.
It was truly remarkable.

Thank you for your thoughts!
As we look at your messages,
we were sincerely smiling.
Dewa dewa adieu~n!