Staff Diary (2010.10.19) — “Rain” Photoshoot Completed!!


“Rain” Photoshoot Completed!!

Translated by MrSean

With the HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Tour also just behind us, 5 to check in! (laugh)<--(I think a pun on checking in with us and checking in to the HOTEL") Today, we're in Hiroshima. All of you in Hiroshima, let's go have a blast~. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu. ????????????11/24????????????????????????????Rain??????????…?????????????????????????????????? So, while doing that, in preparation for the artwork of the release of YUI's new heart-rending song (literally "tear song" or "crying song") "Rain" next month on 11/24 (Wed.), we had a photoshoot for YUI, and we need to give a little introduction.

“Rain” Artist Photo 1

“Rain” Artist Photo 2

“Rain” Artist Photo 3

From here, I think we’ll be visiting various places.
Have fun~?

???Holy night???????????
In case you noticed, it’s the middle of October…
This year’s Holy Night is coming up soon!
The song is perfect for this season.
I know it’s ours, but every time I hear this song, I really feel an ache in my chest (laugh).
As we impatiently wait for Christmas to arrive, I think you can hear it. ,– (half a polite request, half telling us we can experience the same thing, I think)

With the jacket also completed, we keep moving along.
Here, too, as the season approaches, it looks like wonderful things are coming!!

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