Staff Diary (2011.01.01) — HAPPY NEW YEAR



Translated by cyclo

2011 has finally arrived.

?????2?????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????
Last year, ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN? was finally released after 2 years,

and we got to go around on a nation-wide tour for the first time in awhile, I feel that the music could go on thanks to

the strong and genuine ‘bonds’ we had with everyone. (I may have gotten this part wrong, it’s a very long clause so I can’t really get the grammar right :X, pardon me >_<) ??????????????????????????? At the various venues of the tour, the warm welcome from everyone and the dance still remain a vivid memory even now. ??????????????? We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ??????????????1?????????? Wishing everyone a great year ahead! 2011?????????????? Please continue to give us your support in 2011 ?? Happy New Year!

Speaking of which, in 2011, YUI will be a Woman of the Year (Meaning that the zodiac sign of the year will match hers)

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