Staff Diary 2011.02.28 — After 3 years and a half… (tears)


Despite the fact that about 80% of the requests for this DVD were made by GAIJIN after a campaign started in YUI-LOVER, they didn’t even bothered on mention us foreigners.

After 3years and a half… (tears)

By panda and kikino

Good afternoon everyone!!

Today in Tokyo, is really cold isn’t it…

Are you OK?? Please try not to catch a cold!!
Well then, today, in the final day of February

An emotive meeting was held…

Because of this.

It was the meeting of the DVD sample after 3 and a half years!!



It’s finished. (tears)

There is one week left until this ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
will be lined up in store’s shelves.


Its a DVD packed with meetings with everyone.

Its a product I want fans all over the country to see!!

I want you to check it out by all means!! We have confidence in this work!!

We kindly beg for your support.

Dewa Dewa

Please don’t catch a cold ne?.


Tommorow its March already!

Lets all try our best~!!

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