Staff Diary (2011.03.02) — e.u.Band’s National Travel of Encounters is Starting!


e.u.Band?????????CP? ????????
e.u.Band’s national travel of encounters is starting!

Translated by azmi and kiki

everyone, good day!
Are you all okay with hay fever?
Because now is the turning point to new season, so please take care of your condition!

e.u.Band ?????????CP?
well well, National travel of encounters Campaign~
will start from 3/5 (Friday)

We want to be in touch with all the fans with this campaign!!
okay, we will do interesting project below!!

? ????????????
? on the car that takes us from Tokyo to Sapporo
we will pile up a big Flag on it. (3/5 departing Tokyo~)

We want all the fans to write on that flag
something like a [Message to YUI] or [a thought you want to transmit to someone] !!

(This is the flag)

(YUI has written first message!)

? ????????????????
To all fans who do number ?
will get special sticker as a present!!

? Eventhough you don’t do number??
We will give special sticker to all of you who meet us
on the way of the journey!! (LOL)

???????????HOTEL HOLIDAYS????????????
??????????? (?)
? All the members will stop by [Record Shops] on the way of the journey.
In the shops, the [happi] that staff members used in ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS?? National Tour
with YUI’s hand writing will be delivered to that shop!!(?)

on this kind of feeling, because we []
will pass through western Japan

by all means, please have a blast with []’s journey~

? ?
We installed special page of this project on official site

??e.u.Band?HP? ???
and, on’s homepage ? ?
will be reported on real time~!

By a;l means, please check this too, ne?

Well then, going towards the weekend
we are making the final preparations~

Once again, please check the home page!



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