Staff Diary (2011.06.19) — Carefully, carefully. .


Carefully, carefully

Translated by kikino!

Good evening everyone!
What kind of Sunday did you have?

Soccer already started on TV ne? (Haha)

Very well. Talking of YUI’s recent activities

She have been doing magazine coverages, rehearsing for Hong Kong,
and also making a great effort for the next production, working carefully.

Making a pause on the coverage, at Youji’san’s salon. There was a lemon on the balcony!
There is always a lot happening on preparatory periods.

Super Hair Stylist: Youji Fujiwara-san
I think doing things carefully is important.

A shot from the coverage. Relaxing!?

Doing things one by one with great care is how I want to deliver them to the fans!

A genuine rehearsal, preparing for Hong Kong!?

Is what I always think.

Pictures appearing on magazines, concerts
and of course compositions too,
we do everything with all of our strengths!!

At the rehearsal studio, Isshi and SUM having a talk of hot direction?

By all means, please check it out OK??

Dewa dewa.
Let’s enjoy the weekend
while watching soccer (Haha)


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