Staff Diary (2011.06.28) — We came back!!


We came back!!

We came back from Hong Kong!!
3 days passed in the blink of an eye.
Once again, to everyone who went to see us
to everyone in Japan who sent messages
and to ell the staff who worked in HK HHITS
Really, really thank you so much!!!

—- sorry
e.u.Band gathered inmediately
and had a rehearsal.

Today 96chan was with them after a long time
In the break, we had a lively conversation about souvenirs from Hong Kong.
And when the rehearsal had finished
Backy-san gave his accustomed interesing present to Hisashi-san!!

It was a dragon marionette.
“Why I can’t do it!!”
He was having fun when manipulating the marionette.

When YUI saw it she said..”lemme see”
and she managed to make nice moves with the dragon.

Haney Bee?Management?????
At the end everybody took a souvenir picture
Maybe we wil give these goldfishes and paper lanterns souvenirs
in Haney Bee?Management, or maybe not.

We are steadily making preparations towards the summer festivals.

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