Staff Diary (2011.09.25) — Shanghai Report ?


Shanghai Report

Translated by Xerith & cyclo

Shanghai Report Part 3


Today is the last day in Shanghai and YUI performed at an event called “Shanghai Japan Week 2011”. It is an event to promote the original charm of Japanese culture across China and YUI was invited by the organizers – the Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai – to perform as a “surprise guest”.

??????????????Good-bye days????????????????

Although YUI was only allowed to perform three songs at the Shanghai International Studies University auditorium, since it was a surprise, the audience were very happy. On our part, YUI was equally thrilled to be able to sing “Good-bye days” together with the audience.

A commemorative photo at the end.

We are truly grateful for the warmth of your smiles and for keeping Japan in your thoughts!
Thank you!

This time, in response to the large amount of support we’ve received from China during the Great East Japan Earthquake, YUI wanted to personally express her gratitude! Speaking of which, yesterday she managed to perform at a wonderful event organised by the local coordinators.
Truly thank you very much!

And in the small amount of free time we went sightseeing.
A shot at the most China-like sight-seeing spot remaining in Shanghai [Yuyuan Garden]

The buildings in Shanghai are nice, the food is tasty and there are lots of places I want to see – I would love to visit again.

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