Staff Diary (2011.10.20) — In two weeks!!



In two weeks!!

Hello everybody.

It’s completely autumn outside right?

????????????Lock On???Separation?????(R)???????????
Since yesterday the editings of “Lock On” and “Separation” are available on chaku uta!!

MESSAGE BOAD??????????????????????????????????????????
Messages and comments about it are already posted in the message board. Thank you very much!!

It’s only two weeks until the release of the album!!

I want to have a blast until that day.

Well then, the cover at has been published already,
so I want to show you a bit of that photoshoot.

I took place in the “Hikawamaru” anchored at Yokohama’s harbour in Yamashita Park.

The weather that day!!

The photoshoot started.

The first cut was doing well, when cheking the pictures I looked at YUI…

Uhm?? What are you aiming at?

Shes holding a ventilator (A.K.A. Blower).

It’s gun-shaped so I thought she was making that kind of pose.

This is the correct way of using it!!

Super hair stylist Youjimen!!
When the wind doesnt blow naturally, he will use this.

The photographing advanced favourably.

We walked inside this “Hikawamaru” of 81 years of history.

We felt as if we slip in time.

Lastly we went to the ship’s prow!

Anyhow, we were blessed by the weather. We took a lof of beautiful pictures!

We packed the album with these pictures.

Please look forward to it?

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