Staff Diary (2011.10.28) — Kaito Royale!


Kaito Royale!

Translated by Kikino!

Good evening everyone.

?Lock On???????????TBS???????????????????24:20???????????
TBS drama Kaito Royale which theme song is “Lock On” will finally start airing tonight at 24:20!!

I can’t wait!!

????Lock On??Music Video??????????????????????????
Lock On’s music video full clip can be seen in the website from now.

Thank you everybody for all your comments!

???Music Video???????????????????????????
Today we’ll introduce a couple of offshots pictures from the recording..

First of all, this scene

YUI got an injury in the cheek from a trump card

The truth is, this is how we made the wound

It was the group work of super hair stylist Youjimen and his assistant Azu-kun. this pitiful injury was completed like this.

It really looked like it hurts! Haha

Also, the scene of the spinning roulette.

YUI herself was spinning the roulette

Just imagining how to roll the ball was difficult,

So we got a lecture in this scene from some specialists.

This technique has a high degree of difficulty, but it was no challenge for YUI!!

Even exclamations of admiration escaped from the surroundings.

Also, above everything, her dealer costume was so fresh!

???????????????????????????Music Video???????
It’s a great video which overflows with new experiments of thrill and speed.

Oota director, everybody in the Staff, thank you very much!!

????????HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE??????
Just 5 more days until the new album?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE?goes on sale!!

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