Staff Diary (2011.11.23) — The doors have opened!!


???????? (2011/11/23)
The doors have opened!! (2011/11/23)

Translated by Hatsumichan

The doors have opened for the 4th day of the tour!

Well then, even backstage, with everything ready?! It’s….


“Take the picture as if I look like someone who can play bass please!”

Um… you don’t look like you can play at all (laugh)

Oh, oh, what’s this?

On Backy’s bass, something is….. (laugh)

It’s the strap he bought when they were at the Nara performance!!

So in the end, will it be left like that for the actual concert??

Look out for it.

So then, I will introduce a li~ttle bit of the stage this time!!

Somewhere on board our “ship” there are flags but….

Once we set sail~

It’s set up to look like it’s being blown by the wind!!

Please be sure to check the stage out in detail too okay.

So then!

Please have a safe voyage??

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