Staff Diary (2011.12.16) — 12th day of the tour. Nagasaki!!


12th day of the tour. Nagasaki!!

Translated by Kicchan and hatsumichan

On the 12th day of the tour we arrived to Nagasaki’s Brick Hall.
From today we start the Kyushu series of the tour?

We came to Kyushu with a warm image in mind, but when we arrived the wind was extremely cold, and we were surprised to find that it is colder than Tokyo.
There was a light rain falling, but it was so cold we thought it could’ve turned into snow.

It’s a venue in a very urban area, but surprisingly, behind it there is a big Ferris Wheel?

Today we open the dressing room to the public!!
This is a scene from the dressing room in Nagoya from the other day, and the point to focus on is the clock.
25 minutes before the start of the concert, Chris, and 15 minutes before the concert, Kuro-chan, both had their hair cut and set (like gelled down/up) lol.

Let’s have a fun cru~ising today too okay? ?

Onyuu?Cru~ising ?

Lately, the number of people using “Onyuu?” is increasing. A happy Shinicchi? says good bye.

— —


Thank you very much, Nagasaki?

Thank you to everyone at Nagasaki today?
It became a wonderful performance within everybody’s warm atmosphere.
To those people who were encouraging us with their utmost effort
your voices have securely reached YUI too ?

It must’ve been hard to do this all handwritten.
Thank you so much! Please continue your support from now on ?

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