Staff Diary (2012.10.09) — N-con!



Everyone, Hello!

Yesterday, YUI performed as guest at N-con National Choir Contest!

When there was this kind of chance,
as staffs, we have thoughts towards everyone who participated
in this N-con and we exprienced about it a little as well,
in our mind “they are singing ?fight?for us” also with various environments,
these are things that we could understand from this time.

after all, this kind of straight ahead going forward kind of deep emotion
singing voice make our heart completely shaken when we heard it…
we could’t turn our attention away…

at the end, ?CHE.R.RY?that sang by everyone from special choir group was fantastic as well!

at the last, borrowing this occasion…
We say to everyone who participated
in N-con, staffs, and all related person,
Thank you very much!

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