Staff Diary (2012.10.24) — “SHE LOVES YOU” is Released today!!!



?SHE LOVES YOU??????????
?SHE LOVES YOU?Released Today !!!
Translated by azmikun


YUI DIARY???????????
It’s “Pumpkin”
I think I’m so persistent doing this so early,
but because of “Halloween”‘s related topic was mentioned in YUI DIARY
I was carried away.

Rather than halloween, today is the opening
of “girl’s party” that we have been waiting!

We have already received
a lot of pleasant’s thoughts.
Thank you very much!!!

?????Sony Music Online Japan??
Yes yes, on Sony Music Online Japan,
currently in the middle of sitejack!!
Certalinly, please watch it!

???????????SHE LOVES YOU?
Well then, in the autumn’s long night,
enjoy ?SHE LOVES YOU?ok…


In the midst of this, today YUI had photographing…!


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