YUI’s street live performance in Shanghai…more than 1500 fans!

YUI’s rare street live performance in Shanghai with more than 1500 fans in attendance
Original source: http://www.asahi.com/international/jiji/JJT201109240086.html
2011?9?24?20?6?/ 24th Sep 2011 (2006hrs)
Translated by: xerith



Young popular Japanese female singer-songwriter YUI performed live on the streets of Shanghai, China on the 24th Sep (actual street name = ???). For a tight security country like China, to have a Japanese singer performing live on the streets is rare.


The live performance was conducted within the trendy area called Xin Tian Di “???” (a popular area that has a romanticised atmosphere of old Shanghai, mainly attracting foreigners)  and despite the lack of any prior publicity, numerous young Chinese stopped to listen to YUI as she sang a total of four songs on her guitar.


Next, YUI continued to Jiu Guang department store just off Jing’an Temple Station for a performance on the special stage at the square. In between the guards assigned, more than 1500 fans gathered at the performance.

Female office workers in Shanghai said that they “like YUI’s style”. For the purpose of introducing Japanese music and culture, on 25th Sep, YUI will also attend the “Shanghai Japan Week” held at the Shanghai International Studies University.
Hope to post more news and media coverage about the ??????? Shanghai Japan Week Showcase 2011 Event soon !