YUI Arrived at Shanghai! (September 22th)


She arrived at Shanghai today (22 September 2011).

These are pictures taken from chinese website.

This report by a guy named Jimmy taken From:

Translated by fararibmw


Students that came were all very excited*,


In theory, the plane would arrive only in 10+ mins , but we went early and stood there


We continued to wait and eventually waited for an hour ++


During this time, many tourists passed by and some from Japan even recognized its YUI from the posters, there were some others who just passed by and said ” Wow a celebrity is going to be here today? ” ( unsure if there will be a special passage for AKB48 arrival tomorrow)


Before YUI appeared, there were 2 Staff members who came out first, Something seems to be wrong during the immigration checkpoint that’s why YUI was a bit late. Jimmy saw a woman from afar carrying a guitar and recognized its YUI at once and that she is finally here.



The climax of the trip is finally here,


YUI looks a bit tired most probably because of the flight , but after hearing the cheers from fans she brightened up and started waving and nodding at us.


Walking towards the fans, YUI stopped and started to converse with the fans and also accepting their gifts, YUI is still a bit shy, she eventually put down her guitar to autograph for the fans.


The atmosphere was very lively, many passer-by started taking pictures and video, some even asked me who is she.


Jimmy had previously talked to the person in charge, hoping to have a picture taken with YUI and the fans, this eventually was also done.


After the passageway, YUI was accompanied by 2 bodyguard* and staff and took the lift to leave. The event also conclude here.


* = This is the best i can translate for this part, he uses an idiom to describe the students.
**= I assumed its bodyguard because the word means strong and musular man.


So, the news about YUI having a street live at Shanghai’s Jiu Guang shopping mall is official now?

The news is developing,
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