YUI Diary (2009.11.14) – Honey Bee Studio!


Translated by Fujii Itsuki

Honey Bee Studio?

Good evening.

Everyone, are you healthy?

Your ?Pledges?, a lot of them have arrived!

Thank you very much!!

And today as well, work is progressing smoothly!

?STAFF DIARY?????????????????
On the ?STAFF DIARY?, the work-in-progress scene was posted too.
As mentioned on the entry, the short sleeves certainly made a ‘cold impression’ didn’t it? (laughs)

It was actually quite warm inside the studio,

However, it’s cold outside, so I do wear more than that!

Everyone should be careful of this difference in temperature too.

Well then, till next time!



The picture below, the studio that have been assisting us,

?????????Honey Bee Studio????
Kondo Hisashi-san’s ?Honey Bee Studio?

Image of the studio’s logo shown on the PC background.

It’s a really comfortable place,

Even after the work’s done, you’d still feel like staying back to laze around…

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