YUI Diary (2010.05.16) — Photography!



Translated by the dynamic duo

Mina-san, konbanwa.

YUI ???
It’s YUI.

Today, we went photographing~!

??????? ????!
We went to a studio in a place called Taitou, in Chiba prefecture.
It was really fun !

Today’s weather really felt really good, didn’t it?
With the usual members (of the staff)

It went noisy and relaxed. ?

That’s all for the photographing report for now~

dewa dewa, mata mata !





Pictures of Taco

I had tacos for lunch.
I tried to take a picture, but the feeling was difficult to understand…!

The paper wrapping it was good but, difficult to understand…

It looked like it was from a southern province.

We went to the beach too!

Through the car window on the way back. There was a beautiful sunset ?

Dewa dewa, thank you for the hard work today too!

Forum ni ikimasu, onegai