YUI DIARY (2010.05.20) — Introduction!



Translated by azmykun-kun

Good Evening. It’s YUI.
Today, since it was my day off, I spent time restfully.

After a long time I went for a “sports massage”.
I could refresh myself considerably!
(During tours, It helped me many times)

???????(?) ??????
Today I want to introduce some songs I used to listen
and copy with my old guitar in my youthful days (laugh)

The songs I usually sang when I did street live.

Cyndi Lauper?Time After Time

Alanis Morissette?Hands Clean

Michelle Branch?Goodbye To You

Bryan Adams?Star

Suzanne Vega?Luka

And many others, I changed the key to do the copy,
comparatively, there was many females songs but
I played and sang many male songs too.

If I have another chance I want to introduce more!

dewadewa, because I’ve noticed in the message board that so many people who just started playing guitar, let’s have fun while playing it!

dewadewa, adieu.


Forum asdfgLOL!

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