YUI Diary (2010.07.20) — ??????? Rehearsal!!



Translated by Venus

Everyone, are you spending your time in good shape?

It’s YUI

Thank you very much for all the comments regarding the album!!

I’m reading them very happily ?

Gradually, or rather, at once, it became summer right?
Cicada’s singing can be heard.

And speaking of summer, you can feel there is a lot of fun things !
For example, Shaved ice! Watermelon! Icecream!

Ah… nothing but food uh? laughs

Since I think this heat is very severe, I need to drink a lot of fluids to take care of myself!
Everyone, Let’s take care to avoid summer heat fatigue!

Also also, talking about fun summer things, there are summer festivals also right?
This year, I’ll be performing in three venues!

Today I’m on rehearsal for an acclaimed summer fes. It looks it’s gonna feel great so I’m looking forward to it!

Dewa dewa, I hope this will be a good summer for everyone!




I forgot to take pictures…


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