YUI Diary (2010.08.17) II — ??????Recommendation!!



Translated by kikininaru

Good day, it’s YUI

Minnasan, today it seems particulary hot isn’t it?

Even nights are becoming like a sauna!

Air-conditioning after the heat is the first cause to catch a cold right?
Let’s take care of ourslves ok?

Also, today we have a recording as well.
Since it will start late
I thought of making this recommendation before that.

Koshiji Sister’s “Mixed Bath”

I’ve had the chance to go to many of their lives
and now I’ve listened to the finished sound!

At lives there is a fun and bustling atmosphere
I always receive energy and get deeply moved.
Without fail, when I want to feel vitality
When I want to listen soulful music ?

The truth is, I took the picture in this place. LOL

I thought it would be a place to take a good picture!

?BILLY BAT?????????
And, I read
Urusawa Naoki-san’s ?BILLY BAT? !

I read “20th Century Boys” and
other works too, but
this time too, I’m interested in the sequel.
I can’t wait for it!

The book, as I expected, wouldn’t lean againt the wall so I had to hold it. LOL

Dewadewa, Once again, if I find something I’ll try to write about it ?

Today too, with energy!

AdiuKyoudai (Sisters)


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