YUI DIARY (2010.08.17) — MashuKeshiHai ! !


MashuKeshiHai ! !

How is everyone?

The hot days are continuing, are you not suffering from the summer heat?

Today we were recording.

It felt great!

Dewa dewa, let’s take care of our health.




In a previous diary entry, I talked about the speakers, thank you for the many messages about it!!

We thought it would be a good idea to add the 3 things together, and got…
“MashuKeshiHai” out of it!



Hisashi-san was kind of pleased with it too.
It was good!
Yahagicchi also thanks!

Thank you very much for the precious time I got to use!

Thanks everyone!!

?????????????YUI LOCKS?????????????????????????????
Nationwide Tour Ticket Sale! YUI LOCKS! Thank you for the many Summer Fes. Goods messages!

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