YUI Diary (2011.03.06) — Wankosoba Tournament


Wankosoba Tournament.

Good afternoon, I’m YUI!

I want to go to all the places e.u.Band have visited for the campaign!

???????????????????????????Honey Bee???????????????????????????
Today in Morioka they held a Wankosoba Tournament. At honeybee’s USKREAM I saw the video and pictures.
I wanted to participate~!

Today I worked on song-making to suppor e.u.Band?

Hisashi-san in the midst of work.

Studio’s atmosphere.

Loby’s atmosphere.

From Reiko-san who is helping e.u.Band, I received this famous product of ?? called “Mamadooru” (pic from 18 translations xD)
It was delicious~

That’s right, it looks like tomorrow is the holiday of the hay fever.
Someone wrote it in the message board so I was curious and went to look it up. It is true!
There are lots of holidays we don’t know of!

I’m happy that the songs are going well and e.u.band is doing well too!!
Their trip is still continuing so please support them (^^)

Dewadewa let’s be Happy everyday?




I got this clothes borrowed from an acquaintance!