YUI Diary (2011.03.18) — What I’m Feeling Now


What I’m feeling now

Translated by Pandas & Kiki

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To everyone who was hurt by east Japan’s big earthquake and also their families, I offer my heartfelt sympathies.

When I think of all the things people face where the earthquake hit, my chest feels uneasy.

Now, I wonder what I can do…
The things I could do are probably restricted, firstly things like “conserve electricity and water” carefully thinking of each action in our daily lives while doing anything.

Up until now, truly I have met a lot of people and have supported me.
As always thank you very much.

I feel I have made a lot of bonds with my music and concerts . While thinking of this, I will be happy the day when we can once again be together with everyone and meet each other with smiles on our faces.

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Towards that goal, what I can do I will do one by one with great caution and effort.

I wish that everyone can spend this situation a little better in safety.


(Pictures were taken from today’s dokutsubo)

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