YUI Diary (2011.04.10) — Bonjour!



Translated by waratte, Kicchan, & Hirotana

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

Is everyone doing well?

I feel like various things are on the move.

6???Music Video????????????
On the 6th, we went to record the Music Video.

Recently there have been lots of colorful POP western-style clothes, the members and I had a fun performing!

I think it became an interesting clip, and I think everyone will want to watch it.

Also, magazine coverage of it has started!

Yesterday (the 9th), I did some song making!
2 songs came out of it, and I look forward to them?

On the way, Kuro-chan brought sweets fans gave to him before a live!
So kind? It was delicious! Thank you very much!

Hisashi-san’s Guitar

The guitar in the picture, Hisashi-san’s guitar, sounds really nice?
And Kuro-chan also has this beautiful guitar?


Dewa dewa, I wish everyone happiness always?




The day we went for the magazine coverage, there was a play of some classmates of Icchi, so we went! (not sure)

Datecchi, Icchi and Isshi lined up. (attended?) (..not sure xD )

TEAM-ODAC??saigo ? bansan????????????????????????????????
At TEAM-ODAC’s “?saigo ? bansan?” stage (theatre?) there has been “human dramas” of many kinds
Until now I haven’t seen many theatrical plays, so looking at the development of a story in front of my eyes made me feel excited.

And then, there was a little time before the play, so ? followed Datecchi to the place she works!
A store that I never visited before and a place I’ve never seen before, I felt very wakuwaku! (excited / nervous)

Also, tomorrow (the 11th) is Datechhi’s birthday!!
That’s so nice(^^)

Dewa dewa, be Happy?

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