YUI Diary (2011.04.24) — Walkman!!



Translated by Kicchan, Hirotana, & Pandas

Good evening

It’s YUI.

Climate changes easily don’t you think?
Let’s take care of our body (^^)

Recently, it has been days of recordings for band members.

Also, I went to a farewell party held by the people who helped me in Walkman!

At a store with a Hawaiian feeling, I thought “This is not very Japanese”
and suddenly, a big ping pong table appeared in front of us!

“What?! Let’s play some ping pong?” Icchi suggested (haha)
It looks like he prepared everything.

At a real-like table tennis tournament
we had a great time with everyone while looking at the game and playing!

As expected of Icchi?! I was expecting something like this would happen!

The members helped me at the advertisement of Walkman will be changed their personnel into the other sections at Sony.
One of them will take part in the section of television “BRAVIA”, and another will do in the global advertisement section.
It’s so wonderful they got high evaluations and can change personnel successfully!

There were nostalgic clips being projected also, so it became a very emotive farewell party.
Kobori-san and Tanimoto-san’s good-bye speeches were overflooded with love for the products “Walkman”
I thought “I’m so happy that I’m able to be influenced by such beautiful people.”

There were many encounters and also farewells, but, these bonds will not disappear therefore lets all try our hardest as one!!

We had a second table tennis match, but I also lost the second time..
I’ll be waiting for the next big revenge meeting! lol

Shimizu Shota and JASMINE who also starred in the Walkman advert had a fun time playing table tennis with us?
For co-starring & the farewell party & also table tennis thank you so much !
I’m looking forward till the next time we can meet again?

Also, in the meantime, band members are doing their best in their recordings!

Member’s rec

I am also grateful for the members?
I am now looking forward till its complete?

Member’s rec

Dewa Dewa, Please, everybody, enjoy fantastic days from now on (^^)




In band-member’s mobile phones, tour straps and the presents from Sweden that I gave to them, Daarhest (horse shaped), were attached!

It made me happy that they are still using them?

Thank you so much!

Dewa dewa, being happy?

A picture of the ping pong place from JASMINE’S blog

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