YUI Diary (2011.04.30) — My Green Juice!!


My Green Juice!!
Category: Undetermined.

Translated by cyclo

Good afternoon.

It’s YUI.

Is everyone doing fine?

The home page just got a renewal!!

It’s got a very pink feel right?

Music Video??????????
Thanks everyone for commenting so quickly?
and for sharing your opinions of the Music Video too!

Recently, it’s been day after day of songwriting.

I’m doing well desu!

Wishing that everyone will be able to get by everyday smoothly?

Adieu-Renewah! ru!




You must have guessed from the title right?

Recently I got really into this green juice!

My green juice

It’s name is also ?My Green Juice (watashi no aojiru)?!!
It’s easy to remember! Lol

It’s easy to drink like powdered green tea?

dewa dewa, that was a health otaku lecture.

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I wonder if yakult paid her to do this xD So cute, she is such a health otaku she even admits it herself D:What a thoughtful lady <3