YUI Diary (2011.05.12) — Recording!!



Good evening, everyone.

It’s YUI.

The rain has really been coming down in Tokyo, but you haven’t caught a cold have you?

I’m in a bit quiet situation, but I feel energetic in rainy days.

Recently, I have been doing radio recordings,
comments and things like that.

Meanwhile, We have also made band recordings for two days!

In the first day, Saji-san (drums) and Backy -san are the rhythm team.

???????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN???????????????????
Saji-san have participated in HITS and other works too!!

In the second day, Kuro-chan recorded guitar.

Kuro-chan have poured his gentle sounds in many songs.

Seen how this song is growing steadily fills me with feelings of happines (^^)

Dewa dewa, I think I want to focus on completing this song!

Everyone be Happy everyday?



In my previous diary entry, I wrote about the naming of Suica and the like, well there’s more!

Everyone, thanks for letting me know?

In Hokkaido there is Kitaca,
Tokai has TOICA,
in Nagoya is manaca,
in Kansai is PiTaPa,
and in western Japan is nimoca.

I like this naming sense.
It can be fun to think about?

Dewa dewa!


Engineer Tamanoi-san and Hisashi-san

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