YUI Diary (2011.06.22) — Tai Ga Ho~


Tai ga ho

It’s YUI

“Taigaho” is a greeting like “Hello” in Cantonese.

We have been rehearsing everyday, so I feel like I’m already going to Hong Kong?

Are you all alright?

I have been rehearsing favourably in high spirits.

In the midst of rehearsals, i went for a photoshoot too!

Lately, I became adicted to taking pictures. Here a picture with everybody?

A casual moment in the photographing’s break.

From the left. Youji-san, Azujun, Designer and cameraman Takayima-san, Tanaka-san

I got somewhat caught by the scenery so I took a spectacular picture.
e.u.Band’s manager Yusuke!

Meeting picture!

This is how the harmonious and fun atmosphere feels like!
Dewadewa, I want to keep focusing on these continuous reheasals~!
Everybody let’s be Happy everyday?



Rehearsal scenery
In the studio.

For some reason everybody seem having fun!
I was thinking of it and when I took a peek, they had ordered for food~

?Peeping Life????DVD?????????
Changing the topic, I received this DVD from Hisashi on my birthday.
?Peeping Life? and I finally watched it!

It was interesting!

The most impressive part was the part “Farewell!? Bakappuru”
(probably from “baka kappuru”: stupid couple)

I was always giggling and close to burst into laughter.
It looks like I really could train my abs? haha

Anyways, Let’s work harder tomorow!!

That’s all!

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