YUI Diary (2011.07.28) — Hokkaido ! !


Hokkaido ! !

Translated by waratte

Good evening, everyone.

It’s YUI.

Is everyone doing well?

I have safely returned from Hokkaido,
and with interviews over, I can relax?

We arrived in Hokkaido on the 23rd, and
went to always-helpful AIR-G in the evening!

Late night from 1:00 to 3:00 AM USTREAM!
Also, from 3:00 to 4:00 AM we did Denpo Jack live radio broadcast!

????JOIN ALIVE???????????????????
Rambling stories were told, I brought a lolipop candy to eat,
and we talked about what would happen the next day at JOIN ALIVE !

Also, that day (technically the 23rd was the day before by then)
was Icchy?’s and waratte’s birthday ! !

And also, on the morning of the 24th,
we celebrated e.u.Band Manager Yuusuke’s birthday too!

During which, everyone celebrated with cake and crackers and sashes?

From here on I hope all great years can be nonsensical and Happy?

???JOIN ALIVE?????????????????????
“Go see tomorrow’s JOIN ALIVE live~!” and such!

Also, we were glad to receive encouragement from guests~ because…
“Ichi-go Ichi-e Ii Jan ! !” choreography decision!

As live radio broadcast and USTREAM safely ended,
we could see a beautiful sunrise outside?

Everyone who watched and listened and stayed with us the whole time ! !
Thanks so much ! !

After napping for several hours, we went to the venue!

Just before the good weather live…
given interesting glasses, Icchy and Yuusuke
went up on stage ! !

Announcing their back-to-back birthdays, Icchy and
Yuusuke got everyone excited ! ! !

Thanks so much ! !

At the venue, our manager from the previous tour, Watarucchi
and Waka-chan from the same company came!
Watarucchi also helped us when we went to Miyagi prefecture on July 7th.

On the edge of the stage, replacing guitar strings and various things,
roadies Aatsutsu and Zakkii ! !

At the food court, already a line for the cart.

Hisashi-san and his son came to the venue!

Picture after the live!

Zakkii and PA Chii !

Backy-san and Stage Director Sam !

Since I had bubbles hard to pop, I tried blowing them?

Photographer ARI~SA~!
Stylist Datecchi has good taste!

I like blowing bubbles and to hide?

After the live, all the performers signed autographs for the audience!

It was luxurious to get to sign autographs?

Also, suddenly began Russian Cookie!
10 out of 12 people are surprised by the spiciness of this cookie!

??????????????????Honey bee?????
Hisashi-san’s son and Honey bee management
Hakamada-san were helping!

Spicy~ ! ! lol
Yuusuke’s spicy facial expression!

It’s a good facial expression, isn’t it!

Hokkaido truly is a feel-good place?

Once again I had many wonderful encounters at a summer festival!
It was really fun?

Dewa dewa, adieu-go Ichi-e!



After those days, we had a photo shoot in the beautiful outdoors of Hokkaido?

Cool camping car!

Safe end to a photo shoot, gathering photo!

Thank you so much, Hosogawa-san
and Isokado-san, for the local camping car and bus and BBQ ! !
The cameraman and and everyone tidying up
couldn’t appear in the gathering photo…

Much obliged ! !
Thank you very much ! !

Hokkaido is huge~aido !
I want to come again~aido?
Sankyuu Hokkaido?

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