YUI Diary (2011.08.25) — SCHOOL OF LOCK!!



Translated by Kikino!

Good evening

It’s YUI.

How is everyone doing?

22???????SCHOOL OF LOCK!???????????????????
On the 22nd I did a live broadcast performance on SCHOOL OF LOCK! after a long time ! !

No way! a two hours broadcast?!
Also, the new single was on air at first in the universe and in the theme of “looking for a laughing point” we were laughing all along ?

While listening to some bad jokes, I felt moved by all the messages, I had fun talking with the principal I didn’t see in a long time, and the principal whom I meet for the first time.

Also, Yamamoto-san, Masumi-san, Morita-san, Icchy, Idecchi,Teramocchan, Hachi-san and all the staff!!
Thank you very much ?

SCHOOL OF LOCK!!??????????????????????
Details of the live broadcast classroom is posted in SOL’s website.

Also, lately I’m in the middle of recording days again ?

Honey Bee???????e.u.Band????????????????????????????????
At honeybee, the familiar manager of e.u.Band, Yuusuke was doing something with enthusiasm. I tried to spy on him…

He was really concentrated. Suddenly he said “I did it!” so I looked.

A really refreshing and good facial expression!!

When I was looking at him, Isshi and Teramocchan brought ice-cream as present!!

Next could be Shoutarou?

Work is favorable!

Always helping but met for the first time Ishigaki-san!

With this feeling, the work is steadily advancing and I feel excited.

I hope everyone is always fully Happy-chan?

Dewa dewa, adieu-lock!



The day I went to SONY for interview, I got to meet spirited Boss!

Let’s all take care of ourselves and not succumb to the varying temperatures!

Dewa dewa.

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