YUI Diary (2011.10.26) — Hello~?



Translated by xerith & kikino!

Good Evening (some variation)

Its YUI (in Korean??)

A lot of mistakes, right?

How is everybody?

The weather is so cold that its just like asking us to catch a cold, could we avoid it?

It seems I’ve caught a cold.

Oh yeah, the [YUI-net] home page has been revamped.

The position of the links have all been changed for improved usability and you can have fun while exploring the site.

Recently, my days have been filled with band rehearsals, TV recordings and interviews.

It has been ROLLING days.

In order not to miss out on anything, I want to treasure every day.

On a totally different note, these days I have been going from my house to the studio bringing my guitar full of confidence.

but I realized that other than the guitar, I’ve forgotten everything else.

This really surprised me.

It’s these kind of days.

I felt that I’m not an adult yet (not mature enough yet).

???????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????
On another different matter, Mr. Shingo Fujimori of Oriental Radio and Ms. Miori Takimoto came during the TV recording. At the time,hearing it live(?) I felt touched by Mr. Fujmori’s “Kauwauiine-”

I tried to copy him, but as I thought, I felt the awesomeness of the original!

Well then, there is not much connection in the topics I wrote about, but let’s take care of our health!


Rehearsal feeling.

This time there are new staff members helping with the sound.

Komeda-san and Matsuoka-san.

During the interval, we went to a Soba restaurant.

Dewa dewa. Anionhikeseyo~

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