YUI Diary (2011.12.18) — Hello




Translated by Hatsumichan

Everyone, are you doing well?

Thank you very much for all your postings!

There was one that said, “Congratulations on making the ‘The person I want to spend Christmas with’ Ranking” and I was so surprised!

Thank you?

I’m very happy that I was in the ranking.

What I’m looking forward to for Christmas is eating cake!
I’m YUI.

(I’m not sure if you guys know from radio shows and stuff, but a lot of stars in Japan introduce themselves with a little statement about themselves and then their name. So the English equivalent would be like “I’m-really-looking-forward-to-eating-cake-on-Christmas, YUI!” err…. or like “I’m-the-one-who-hogs-all-the-translations-to-YUI-Diaries, HATSUMI!” Does that make sense? lol)

Since I’m in the middle of my highly raved about tour, I went to Fuji, Mie, Nagoya, and yesterday, Nagasaki ?

I’ve always thought this, but meeting people is really a wonderful thing.

To those who rushed over for me, to those who cheered for me, I truly thank you very much!!

In Fuji, I could see Mt. Fuji from inside the Shinkansen (bullet train), and I was very soothed by the beautiful scenery.

In Fuji, I was indebted to a person named Kamiya Yukie!

Bari Katsuokun (a brand of dried katsuo(type of fish) chips – kinda like beef jerky? only fishy?) was very delicious.

It was a town with a lot of delicious food and wonderful scenery!

In Fuji, it became an intense struggle for Yuppii Noodles. (laugh)

To everyone in Fuji, I really thank you very much for such a wonderful time!!

In Mie, talk about the Ise Jinguu (Great Shinto Shrine at Ise) came up!
I’ve always thought that it was a place that I would like to go see, and now, even more so, I want to go see it!

The akafuku (a type of red mochi) were also very delicious?

This is also the hometown of the company that makes Yuppii Noodles, so we received many gifts from them!

In Mie, I was indebted to FM Mie’s Tomiya Tetsuya-san!

I wanted to go and sightsee a little more slowly~.

Everyone in Mie, thank you very much for a fun time!!

At the Nagoya Concert, I was able to relax a lot in the warm atmosphere.

After learning about the difference in flavor of chicken wings here, I was very surprised.

In Nagoya, I was indebted to Yano Kiyomi-san who took care of me during the last tour as well!

Nagoya dialect is so cute? (in Nagoya dialect)
Thank you very much for talking to me a lot!

Nagoya is wonderful~!! (in Nagoya dialect)

At the Nagasaki live, the day before yesterday, it seems like outside suddenly got colder.

But the live was very warm?

Certain parts had the feeling of being too free, but thank you very much for following along with me!

In Nagasaki, I was indebted to NIB Nagasaki International TV’s Shirokata Yuuhei-san!

In the middle, he tried becoming “Ai-san” (probably Ishimoto Ai-san who is an announcer at NIB Nagasaki International TV as well), and taught me a lot of wonderful information, so thank you very much for having such a fun talk with me!

After the live, I was able to eat the delicious Nagasaki chanpon? (dish with noodles seafood and vegetables)

It was very delicious! (in Nagasaki dialect)

I was soothed so much by Nagasaki.
Thank you very much for your warm/gentle voices!!

Today is Fukuoka!!

I hope that we’ll have a good time?

Please favor me!!

Well then well then, Adieubye.



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