YUI Diary (2012.03.11) — Revival TV



Revival TV
Translated by xerith

Good evening


Today is 11th March

What was everyone doing?

I went to Sendai.

I was allowed to perform one song on a program called “Revival TV – Everyone’s strength 3.11”

A lot of people from the North-East region gathered at the venue and together we held a moment of silence (silent prayer).

A lot of thoughts came to mind, but from now on as well, to move forward in a positive manner.

For everyone, we hope to bring a constant smile to their faces.

Nevertheless, “Kikufuku” (brand of Daifuku (small round mochi)) fresh cream was delicious.

I am very indebted to the people of Sendai, especially Mr. Martin and Mr. Waka (Sendai’s event organiser).

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone in the North-East region.


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