YUI Diary (2012.04.16) — Hello



Translated by Hatsumichan



It’s YUI.

Are you doing well?

?????STAFF DAIRY??????????????????????
Before I knew it, many of my secrets ended up getting exposed in the STAFF DIARY! lol

I never thought that me cheating on the puzzle rings would…

or that the simulation golf would…

But things like that happen once in a while too right?

I mean, I am human.

Ah… those wonderful words from Mitsuo-san?
(??????? (Ningen da Mono) is a famous book by Sugita Mitsuo)

All joking aside, soon the cherry blossoms will start falling!

I like seeing them in full bloom, but I like the fluttering feeling that the petals give off when they fall too.

It’s become such a nice season for taking walks, so my excitement level is going up?

Recently, I went to the recording of the NHK program “R no Housoku” (Rule of R)!

I was very happy that a lot of questions came in.
To those of you who sent them in, thank you!!

From interesting questions to serious questions, I answered a lot of them so please, by all means, check it out.

And then, everyone in the choir showed off their wonderful singing voices!!

Please continue to take care of my song!!

Well then, well then, cherry blossoms are falling adieu~.



If you let your guard down, you’ll end up catching a cold, so be careful~?



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