YUI Diary (2012.04.25) — Buddies are…



Translated by: Kikino & Hatsumichan

?????? (2012/04/25)
Buddies are…

Everyone, how are you?

The weather is unstable isn’t it?

But, I love the way the temperature feels just right in this season.

This is YUI.

I wonder if there are many people starting new lifestyles?
It’s also moving season isn’t it?

I wonder if that will make you feel excited?

Let’s have fun as we approach summer okay?

I’ve been recording lately.

I posted about this on a very old diary, but this time my buddy is Welch’s too ?

I heard that polyphenol is good, so I’ll try it too.

Polyphenol, citric acid, Vitamin E…

I’m a wonderful health otaku ?

Lately, I’ve been into saltwater baths which improve your blood circulation, and they’re awesome.

Somehow, in seasons and times when it’s easy to get depressed, it’s handy to know different methods to feel refreshed right?

Dewa dewa, Right before rainy season adieuuu.



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