YUI Diary (2012.05.05) — Hello



Translated by: Hatsumichan


With all this rain, are you all okay?

It’s YUI.

It seems like the damage was worse than I thought it would be..

It was rain that was needed, but when too much rain falls, it becomes troublesome.

And though it may be during all those difficulties, here are my recent events.

I went to my friend’s solo exhibition?

Solo exhibition

At the tambourine gallery, it’s Shimizu Mayu-san.


There was also a session going on at the gallery.


Making frames for the pictures, painting the walls of the store.

Designing rooms and things, and making the atmosphere feel pleasant is something wonderful isn’t it.

It has inspired me.

And then, speaking of things that inspire you.

JAPAN JAM?????????
I went to JAPAN JAM.

For Mukai Shuutoku-san and Hoshino Gen-san’s session.

For their last song, they unexpectedly played “CHE.R.RY”!

I was surprised & happy!

I got drunk on the wonderful atmosphere.

Really, thank you very much.

Mukai-san, Hoshino-san

Well then, well then, let’s continue to be cautious of the rain!




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