YUI Diary (2012.12.05) – Good Morning


Translated by: Hatsumichan

Good Morning

It’s YUI

How are you doing everyone?

It’s really become cold now huh.

The common cold is going around now so let’s be sure to wash our hands and gargle!

Recently, I’ve been able to appear in many TV shows, magazines and radio programs.

I’ve been talking non-stop, so I’m trying my best, but there’s no hint of me getting better at it at all..

Santa, I want something that will make be better at talking! lol

When I appeared on Music Station it was a live broadcast so I ended up being a little frantic, and my talk ended up having unclear nuances in it, which may have caused confusion for some people, and I apologize for that.

I’ve always had the habit of laughing when I get frantic, and my actions end up being the complete opposite of my feelings. (>_<)

From now on I will try to be extremely careful.

Today is FNS Kayousai

I hope I can sing happily?

Many people are very busy at the end of the year trying to get stuff done and with end of the year parties and such, but please take care of your health. (^^)

Well then, well then, see you again!




Recently my friend told me about the site “Bokete” and I like looking at it often ?

It’s pretty embarrassing that I like things that are surreal!

By all means, for those of you who have never seen it, please start from the “Hall of Fame” (^^)

dewa dewa dewa ??



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