YUI in Music Lovers (2011.11.13)


Guests this time were actress Takimoto Miori and radio host Shingo Fujimori.

The first song played was HELLO (Full version!).

From the beginning you can hear the new sound made by Sakura!

After that, “Private pictures” where shown. But for YUI-Lovers none of these pictures was a surprise xD

After all, nothing about her trip to Italy was mentioned. I guess this will remain as a mystery forever.

They shown a couple of pictures of her secret lives at schools in Miyagi prefecture and after that, they shown YUI’s cover of Tsubasa wo Kudasai.

It was beautiful!

Continuing the show, they asked Fujimori to play inserting words into CHE.R.RY. He made an absurd performance xD

After that, they asked him to play the song and he looked surprised by the request. Regardless, he managed to play the chorus quite decently.
Since the barre chords looked hard, YUI grabbed her guitar to show the correct way to play. When she started playing, Fujimori started to sing. A couple of seconds later YUI said “That’s not right, you should play with your words”
He said “Really!?!? that makes me so happy” xD

? YUI-chan I fall in love! ?

To finish, Green a.live.
Again, Sakura’s congas are a nice addition! xD

They asked Miori what she wanted YUI to say to her. She replied “Become my litle sister”
Miori: I think it would be so nice to have such a sister.
Host: What do you think about tihs request?
YUI: Really?!
Miori: No way
YUI: …Become my little sister!
Miori: Big sister!
YUI: Kawaii~

Finally, a short segment of YOU.

The performance was outstanding… but interrupted. Curse you, television formats!!

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