YUI LOCKS (2010.07.05) — HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN Special



Translated by waratte and Kikino!

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Very Soon

?????????? YUI????????????????????????
???? ??????………???????
Tanabata is very soon! If YUI-sensei could have one wish, what would it be?
By the way, as for me………it’s a secret (laugh)

2010/07/01 22:00
Sharp Raaaato

??????3???YUI LOCKS!???????????????????????
The day after tomorrow is Tanabata!
Which reminds me, 3 years ago on YUI LOCKS, a Tanabata wish was written on the blackboard!

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It was however…
Certainly, it was “to be able to run fast” I think!
I didn’t measure the time but, It feels great!!
Since then, 3 years have passed.
I will write my wish for Tanabata 2010!!

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?????????????????????? ??????????????
This “wish to run fast” comes from the desire to advance one more step ahead,
I wrote this as it encompass several meanings.

While being steady
There is also the pursue a goal with energy
There is also steadiness
There is also a speed feeling
There is also careful thinking times
To be married!
(I really hope i got this wrong)

Ah, I guess this is useless, is it useless??

????YUI?????????????? ???YUI LOCKS! START??!!
And YUI-sensei, while doing a little meditation lol. Today too, YUI LOCKS! STARTS!

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7?14?????????YUI???NEW ????
Today’s lesson is:
next Wednesday, July 14th, will be the release of
YUI-sensei’s new album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”

First, to begin the report,

?I do it?
????????????????????? ???to Mother??MUSIC?VIDEO?
YUI-sensei: This is the first composition I make for others, It’s a self cover.
Regarding the ssound, I did all the recordings but the person who played drums in
to Mother MV, Chirstian, from seeeden helped with the drum part.
And in bass, Backy-san helped in the recording as always. Please listen to it ne?

????????????NEW??????? ????
Well, now the time has come for song reports of the new album!
Somehow, from a enthusiastic voice, I will talk in a low volume, everybody, listen!
Like listening to a rumor from YUI-sensei. With a wispering voice, YUI-sensei’s Album talk, Here we go!

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First of all…

?Shake My Heart?
???????????????????? ??????????????
?????????????????????? ??????????????
YUI Sensei: As for this song, I made it using the image of a beach hut and a boat where everybody seems enthusiastic.
Making a big din, in the chorus part, four males from the staff said, “We want to sing the chorus together” So they lend their voices.
So what if we make the chorus happily by everyone with a lively feeling? It’s what we thought!

??????????????!!?????? ?????????????
That is, the whispering voice had already disappeared, but

To continue…

YUI ????????????????????????????????????
?????????????????????? ???????????????
???????????????? ??????????????
YUI-sensei: As for this song, I want you to listen to it while recalling the simplicity of cinnamon’s aroma floating at times in luxury
As for the subject, before going to bed, at the time you call by telephone to the person you like, or that person who is important to you, you’ll fell anxious for them to answer. These things use to happen.
Is there a song about this? I wondered. But, this song is from the point of view of the person who answers
It looks like “I’ve answered, but I’ve already went to bed”. It’s a heartwarming song.

Saa, still continuing! To continue…

YUI ???????????????????????????????????
YUI-sensei: This title comes from the name of Enoshima’s “Esukaa”.

Wihout fail, If you go to Enoshima and ride on the “Esukaa”, I hope you remember to this song!

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YUI ????????????????????????????
?????????????????????? ??????
Also, the album “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”
YUI-sensei: I made this album trying to create an image of summer.
I thought it would be nice to create a bright sparkling album,
Various ideas and a playful heart-san were packed in, with that in mind.
Even when you’re driving I want you to listen to it!

??????????????????????????????YUI?? (?)?
…and, YUI-sensei changed her voice from wispering to a normal level voice (laugh) !

????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????????????
Also next week, we will report on songs from “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”!
Don’t miss hearing next week’s lesson!!!

YUI??????????????????? ??????????
Each week you can hear YUI-sensei’s after-class word on the mobile site~??

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