YUI LOCKS (2010.07.19) Translated Report


7/19 ?Band Club Visit?

Transated by Kikino and waratte (I think he did on parragraph :P )

? ??????????*^_^*?
? Album Purchased (*^_^*)

???????????Parade?es.car?I Do It???Kiss me??????
???? PV?to mother???????????????????? ?????
???HIGHER GROUND?????? ????????????????????
Which song is best? “Parade”, “es.car”, “I do it”, and “Kiss me” especially were the best.
(^^) I was deeply moved by the “to Mother Multi-Angle PV” ! ! This is
the best masterpiece in the album, is it not ! ? (Laugh) I live in Hiroshima, but
I’m going to HIGHER GROUND ! And I’m going to the tour! I can’t wait~.
Dewa dewa, adieu~(*^^)v

2010/07/13 16:15
Nosu Bon
Male/16/Hiroshima Prefecture
2010/07/13 16:15

YUI???HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??????????????????????????
HIGHER GROUND???????????!!!
YUI-sensei: Having now listened to “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN”, thank you very much!
HIGHER GROUND…… I’m going this weekend!!!

7/24 (?) ? “HIGHER GROUND (@ ??)”
7/31 (?) ? “SET STOCK (@ ??)”
8/07 (?) ? “ROCK IN JAPAN FES. (@ ??)”
Finally YUI-sensei’s festival season starts!!!!!
7/24 (Saturday) “HIGHER GROUND (@ Fukuoka)”
7/31 (Saturday) “SET STOCK (@ Hiroshima)”
8/07 (Saturday) “ROCK IN JAPAN FES. (@ Ibaraki)”
All pupils, let’s go! Together with YUI-sensei, let’s go enjoy ourselves to our heart’s content (^_^)v

????YUI LOCKS!??????????????YUI?????
???YUI????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????????????????????
YUI-sensei enters with the original greeting born in YUI LOCKS!
YUI-sensei was happy for comments like “I bought HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN!”

? ?????
? Release day!!

????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????????? ?????????????
??YUI????????STAFF DIARY??????????
????????????????????? ????????????????????
Todays HITS is hitting the stores right? I went fast to buy it and listen!
This time the songs in the album have a little different and fresh feeling, when listening I had an enjoyable sensation!!
In one of the previous Staff Diary uploaded, YUI sensei scribbled some texts about Cinnamon.
After this, I feel like remember and practice the lyrics too!! Ah! And now I have a question related to guitars.
There are lots of CEJA chords but they are hard and I’m not very skilfull at playing (tears)
Do you have any tricks / secrets?

2010/07/13 15:17

In the past Staff Diary I wrote some characters and a member from the staff took a photo and uploaded it
Those scrptions were from Cinnamon lyrics right?
Yeah! those who figured it out are really cool!! (WTF I dont remember what diary it was @@ )
“Playing CEJA chords” you are talking about barre chords right? they are dificult right~?
To be able to hold CEJA takes time! Its important to keep playing a lot.

? ????

?????????(´??) ?????????????????????
?????? ??????????????????????????????
Today I went for the album! And I finished listening to it a moment ago! unfortunately it was raining so
my heart is all “pokkapoka” (´??) It was an album of refreshing break but
really —–
For the present, thank you for the hard work! and from now on yoroshiku onegaishimasu
I look forwart to the tour. dewa dewa adeu~

????? (Kingyo Mania)
2010/07/13 16:24

YUI-sensei: Since I’ve been supported by a lot of people, I’ve been abe to relax. I’m really grateful!

YUI???YUI LOCKS!????????????????????????
Saying that, YUI-sensei was sparkling!
YUI-sensei: YUI LOCKS! class will be about feelings imposible to realize turned into words.
So, pupils! Is it OK if I ask for your own explanations of the new album’s songs on my behalf?
by al means please write your impresions on the album!
(this parragraph was a little =___= )

YUI LOCKS!??????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN ?????????????!!!
?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????13???????1?????????????????????????
Also, this page was made too!
“HITS listener’s explanation page” in YUI LOCKS site have been established.
In HITS there are 13 songs included, chose one of them and send your thoughts on the mail form!

Since I’m sure everyone are skilfull writers im looking forward to it!

??????YUI LOCKS!????????!!
Okay, Today’s YUI LOCKS It’s band club visit!

????????????????????????????YUI LOCKS!
Long time wihout visiting the band club!
We took aplications for “LIFE” sound copy
Also did “F Generation” to play F chords freely
Such band club’s comments are answered!

? ?????????…
? Concerning arpegios…

Beautiful arpegios wont come out, how can I play them well?

???? (Morozumi)
2010/07/13 12:30

(?????????????YUI??) ?????????????????????
At the beginning play the bass sounds with your thumb… I think there are various (?)
(?Chara~n ?YUI playing guitar) it’s hard to do it without looking right?
Since I think there are lot of people who have been playing around and adults too “haven’t you played? haven’t you played?” please listen and give it a try!

? ????
Chords sheet

I’ve been practicing YUI-san’s songs on guitar but I dont get the strum rythm.
Please show me the rythm of a song no matter wich one!

????? (Ishi-chan)
2010/07/13 07:25

????????????????????????I remember you???
YUI-sensei: Strumming uh? (… YUI sensei played for us! )
This is the most simple one i think? by the way, this one is “I remember you”
First, start copying by ear a song that you love, “Whow can we do it?” Please try with all your might!

? ????????????
? A question about effectors!

YUI??????????????????? YUI??????????????????
YUI-sensei, konbanchikuwa. Here is the thing. What kind of effectors do YUI-sensei use?
And what room setting do you recommend?
By the way, my effector board is simple ^^

2010/07/13 01:44

YUI??????????!!!? ??????????????????????????????????
BB Preamp?????????????????????????????????
??????????(?) ?????????????????????????????
?????????????????????? (?) ????????
YUI-sensei “Chikuwa!!!” When I study about efectors I want they to tell me everything about it too!
I never remember the names and the like, I remember the sounds, “This, a delay like this?” or
“a tremolo like this?”. That is so. I remember the colors too! I wonder~. But Tube Screamer,
BB Preamp, RAD maybe? And there are lots that i’ve tried but, distorsion systems…
Please tell me about it! (laughs) Since even amps or guitars, people around guitarists (?)
Ah, right! you have been listening to me ne? (laughs) Please tell me!

? ?????????
? I started playing guitar!

When picking up and down I can’t do it right. Still, I can only play down strokes fast
As I thought it’ll be better if I include up strumming in my practice?
YUI-sensei please teach me!

2010/07/13 00:37

YUI???????????????????????(????? ??????YUI??)
YUI-sensei: Talking about DOWN is it metal system? am I wrong? (?~ Please teach us guitar, YUI-sensei)

This is dificult too eh? I wonder how should I show you? As for me, like I thought, I would look and listen,
steadily copying it hoping to learn, ne? …. Ah! I remembered!
When practicing guitar strumming I made sure to say it with my voice!
For example? shan, shan, shi, shasha, shi, shaka, shaka~ and so, try imitating using your mouth!
Then, when you are doing this, try playing your guitar, remember using your mouth one time, please try this challenge with your guitar!

M?Shake My Heart ? YUI

YUI?????? (Shake My Heart)????????????????????????
?????E????A add9????B add9??3???????? ?????
(??) ??????????????”?Shake My Heart?”??YUI??????????!! ????!!)
YUI-sensei: I think if you play this song (Shake My Heart)
you could think it’s unexpectedly dificult so I will make an explanation!
Chords are 3: ?E???A add9? and ?B add9?. I that order
(cycle) keep on playing … (?Shake My Heart and YUI-sensei singing lecture!! It’s rare!! )
Given that the intro and chorus are the same, if you remember these three chords and loop them,
you’ll be able to play the main parts, don’t hesitate and take the challenge!!

?? “Shake My Heart” ?????? “YUI LOCKS!” ?????UP??????
This Shake My Heart chords score have been uploaded to YUI LOCKS page.

By all means follow YUI-sensei’s advice and play.
And, your own special way is OK! and if you make a recording, please send to this class.
Audio recording media are, MD, CR-R, TAPE, DAT, everything is OK!

?102-8080 TOKYO-FM
SCHOOL OF LOCK! ?YUI LOCKS! “Shake My Heart”??

??????????”YUI???????????” ???????
Today, together with her guitar YUI -sensei talked about music with all her heart!
It would be great if everyone play YUI-sensei’s music toghether !!
Well! Next weeks lesson, what the heck it’ll be!? Look forward to it
Ah.. after every class “YUI-sensei’s single word” do not forget ok!
You can listen to it every week at the cellphone site ~?? << WAT

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