YUI Performs at JOIN ALIVE 2011


Report by Alanna16

Just got back from this show, my first time seeing YUI live! I managed to secure a spot quite close to the stage and had a great view of YUI (though I couldn’t see much of any of the rest of E.U. Band.) It was so hot with the sun right overhead and everyone was packed in like sardines, but it was totally worth it!

All of the band wore aqua-coloured polo shirts (which you could also buy at the merch booth.) YUI’s hair was pulled back kind of like in the recent Music Japan appearance, and she wore the same earring from the HELLO performances.

The setlist:
1) HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~
4) Your Heaven
5) Tsubasa wo Kudasai (very popular & oft-covered song, originally released by Akai Tori in 1975)
6) It’s My Life
7) Rolling star
8) I do it
9) YOU

Some random notes:
– There wasn’t much MC, but at one point YUI mentioned that she was a bit nervous.
– During Tsubasa wo Kudasai, YUI had the audience sing one chorus and she was so touched that she teared up a bit and had to wipe them before continuing singing.
– During the choruses of Rolling star and I do it, everyone was jumping to the beat; it was so much fun!

Merchandising was limited to the aqua polo shirts with little “HELLO” logo; a white towel with blue & green “HELLO” bubbles; and a white wristband with red “HELLO” in bubble & “YUI Summer fes. 2011”.

Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad we made the special trip all the way to Hokkaido for it. Kite yokatta~ <3 Picture of the towel and wristband thanks to @abe728

Scenery on the venue from ARISA’s blog

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