YUI Performs at ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2011


Reports by RIJF and ?????

This year’s performance by YUI at the SOUND OF FOREST is really her 7th time!

Since the stage was created back in ROCK IN JAPAN 2005, she holds the record as the longest continuous performer.
For music lovers, YUI’s act at SOUND OF FOREST is absolutely a summer tradition, as the summer heat peaks, this refreshing breeze starts blowing at 14:35.

First, the just the four person well-known backing band, e.u.Band, takes the stage.
Now, on this day, sitting in for drummer MaiMai, is the Swedish-born, Chris-chan, which looks like their summer festival lineup.
As the four of them begin playing, the sound of YUI’s voice, auto-tuned, flows out , and a feeling of anticipation fills the concert grounds to near-bursting.


Then a huge welcoming cheer starts growing, YUI is on stage!
Taking off the sunglasses she wore onstage, while powerfully strumming her acoustic guitar, her carefree singing soars up over the music.

At the opening MC, a slightly shy-looking YUI says, “Thank you very much for so many of you coming out”
And, as would be expected, the grounds in front of her were completely blanketed with nothing but people, people, people.
All the way up to the forest behind the stage, people wanting just to listen to YUI’s singing voice covered the area.

The set list today contains new songs as well as important songs that highlight the various turning points in her career.


01. HELLO ?Paradise Kiss?
03. CHE.R.RY
04. Your Heaven
05. ?????? (Tsubasa wo Kudasai)
06. It’s My Life
07. Rolling star
08. I do it
09. YOU

During the show, “Today is like, perfect weather, isn’t it.”, she said while looking up into the sky, “now, while keeping Tohoku in our thoughts”, they played a cover of “Tsubasa wo Kudasai”

And then, changing her acoustic for an electric guitar, tidal wave of Rock Mode!
The racing sound of the band, and at the center her strong vocals compete with thrilling results, and all of a sudden, the climax of the show passed, and it was over.

Everyone who came to SOUND OF FOREST were mesmerized and exhausted as YUI’s seventh performance there finished, and, absolutely bright and cheerful, she put her sunglasses back on, gave a deep bow
and left the stage.(Maejima Kou)

Comment from akabaneouji:
The whole time, the in-ear monitors were trouble. YOU started out with a train wreck, which turned into a small flaw. WOWOW probably won’t broadcast it at all. As for me, I heard it. YUI said “These in-ear monitors we are using really suck!” she cursed at the monitors from the bottom of her heart. They should test these monitors at sound check! But, as usual, YUI’s whispering voice sounded beautiful. Later, Chris made a mistake. But, thanks to that, I got to see the never-impatient YUI, and I was happy.

Comment from MrSean:
Now, before people freak out about the phrase “she cursed at the monitors”, let’s understand that in Japanese, in these circumstances, there aren’t any “swear words” the same way we have in English and other languages. They use the phrase “kuso” to voice displeasure, but it’s not a rude thing, just an irritated vocal expression.

Unfortunately, at one point (the beginning of YOU) Chris lost his monitor completely. I can tell you from experience, this is BAD when a drummer loses the monitor and cannot hear the backing tracks or the click. So he had no idea he was not in time with the click and the rest of the band. YUI tried to get his attention, but he couldn’t see or hear her. Backy saw the problem and got his attention, and eventually they got back on track. Apparently, everyone felt YUI handled the whole thing very well and was very professional about the problems.

Boy, do I feel sorry for Chris. There is nothing worse than being onstage and losing all your sound. There’s nothing you can do but try really hard to hear the main speakers, but when you are sitting at the back of the stage, that’s not easy to do. I also empathize with the whole band for the bad monitors. When you play at these summer festivals, there is very little time between bands, even for major acts like YUI, so sound check is just run the amps and instruments up there, make some noise to see if they work, and off you go. I’ve never had good sound on one of those stages.

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