YUI Performs HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ at CDTV (June 4th)


Continuing YUI weekend… YUI at Countdown TV!

After reading Staff Diary, the crazy hair was no surprise…but it was really crazy!!

This outfit was pretty similar to the one she used in Maritime Square
Jacket + Long dress is a trend started in HHITS Tour right?
Maybe we should get used to it~

The earring is the same she used in Msta. “Marine look”!

At this point I was thinking.. “There must be 8 guys opening the doors back there” xD

“From your retreating figure, I start shedding tears” ; _ ;
I think her interpretative skills have improved a lot too!

She wasn’t smiling much this time. I guess, after two performances, she was feeling much more confident for Music Station. (CDTV and MJ were pre-recorded before)

“YUI-san, arigatou gozaimashitaaa~”
…Don’t you feel like pinching her cheeks here?? (o???o)


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