yui sings in “100 Years Train” Short Movie


A short movie titled “100 Years Train” was made to commemorate the start of direct operations between Sotetsu and JR lines.
The movie includes a mashup between Kururi’s “Bara no Hana” and Sakanaction’s “Native Dancer” as background music.

The movie depicts Sosetsu line evolting through the different eras of the past 100 years (Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa).
The mashup song was created after the theme of the movie, “connection”. Yui from FLOWER FLOWER and Mizobe Ryo from odol were in charge of the vocals.

yui’s comment

I think the new word “Change” can be applied to things like convenience and happiness, but it and also be attached to sadness and loneliness.
This is the first time I participate in a mashup song, where two songs become one. I wasn’t sure how to convey the emotions properly, but I was shown the movie before the recording and I felt a positive strength hidden behind sadness when people are faced against changes. It gave me a feeling of determination, so I performed the song while experiencing those thoughts.

When I watched the finished movie with music and sound I was deeply moved and felt carried away by how epic it felt.
It depicts the history of a train that took care of so many people and the relations between them, during 100 years. The fact that it keeps running shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I’m very happy that I was able to take part of this process of change with this song.
I sincerely congratulate then in this new step that will support be watch over many people.

Also I really like those two songs, so I was very happy to contribute. Thank you very much.


The song is available worldwide through several streaming services: