YUI will be featured in Genshoku Bijin Zukan


Genshoku Bijin Zukan (Primary colors beautiful woman picture book ) is a weekly publication.

Bunshun Weekly July 15, 2010 issue

??????????????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
Singer songwriter YUI came back from her “refresh holiday”
of about one year. Finally her new album “HOLIIDAYS IN THE SUN”
have been finished. In accordance with the title, it has an impresive summer-ish bright pop.

I love summer. It gives a feeling of freedom, it’s packed with fun.
I want you to listen to it driving at night in summer. During my vacations I took my driving license.
I’m not saying that I want to go anywhere by car, but for the first time I included a song about me driving by myself (laugh)

????1987?3?26????????????HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??7?14????
(Yui, born in March 26th, 1987 from Fukuoka prefecture. “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” will be released on July 14th)

Source: bunshun.jp

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