YUI Diary (2012.06.11) — It’s sunny today



Its fine/sunny today.

Translated by demon2

It seems to be the beginning of the rainy season.

But the sky is clear during noon giving you the feeling that summer has come, and the excitement rises.

It’s YUI.

A rod is being hit with this temperature difference to the body severely.

It seems really easy to pull at a cold, so please be careful.

Well then, Adieu-!



I entered a noodles shop the other day. For some reason, the asistant would speak to you in English all the time.

???????????????Thank you very much????????????????????????
Since I who cannot speak English was perplexed and said “Thank you very much”, trying my hardest to get the pronunciation right.

???????????????Thank you very ??????
But it came out as a murmur, like “Thank you very macho”!

I mean “much”!

Probably because I was eating chestnuts recently while saying it.

It was YUI.

Till next time ~?r


It was Sony boss Muramatsu birthday.

I felt troubled abut it, so I gave him some “shoulder-tapping” tickets.

I wonder if he will use them…

Well then, have a nice day ?.


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